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Figment releases WeatherAlert for Mac OS X

Jan 20, 2012 - Figment, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of WeatherAlert 1.0 for Mac OS X. WeatherAlert monitors for severe weather notices for your location and will display a visual alert when an alert arrives. Want to be aware of any severe weather in your area, but don't want to shuffle through multiple pages of a website or click on multiple tabs in an application? Then WeatherAlert is for you. If it's tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, or just severe wind, WeatherAlert keeps you informed.

Figment releases MultiSig 1.0 for iOS - Signature Management

Nov 16, 2011 - Figment, Inc. today introduces MultiSig 1.0, their new signature management app for iOS devices. Tired of always having just a single, default email signature? MultiSig lets anyone create multiple signatures that can be used when sending emails or SMS/iMessages from any iOS device running iOS 5.0 or later. Now you can have signatures for each of your email addresses. One for work, one for personal, one for your gaming clan, one for the little league team you coach, one for your buddies, etc.

Current Temperature 5.0 Now Available

Jun 10, 2011 - Current Temperature, the original temperature badge application for iOS, has been updated to push the current temperature to users' devices with custom format options. The app is simple, and to the point. It is not meant to be a full-fledged weather application with maps, forecasts, etc. It simply displays the temperature and data that helps determine the feels like temperature. Current Temperature can push the temperature in your choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit.