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pdf-FieldMerge Professional - simply no alternative

Jul 15, 2014 - The already successful program group pdf FieldMerge is extended by a further variant: pdf-FieldMerge Professional from UNIVERSE Software GmbH. pdf FieldMerge Professional provides in addition to the known functionality of PDF FieldMerge a tool for the creation of mapping tables, its own JavaScript engine as well a project administration. pdf FieldMerge is available in different versions, e.g. designed for use on single workstations, servers, and for the operation of web providers.

Customize PDF / FDF form data to CSV format and Best of 2014

Jul 15, 2014 - UNIVERSE Software announces the release of fdf-Converter for Mac OS X. The fdf-Converter is a very easy-to-use and inexpensive tool available for various operating systems. Single files or entire directories can be converted within seconds, combined into a single new table, and saved as a CSV file with one click. The fdf-Converter also provides mapping tables which can be used by a wide variety of forms with different structures.

pdf-Office Professional 12.0 with table editor and new functionality

Jul 15, 2014 - UNIVERSE Software GmbH has announced the release and immediate availability of pdf-Office Professional version 12.0 is available with improved and enhanced functionality. pdf-Office Professional is the affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Created with pdf-Office Professional PDF forms can without restrictions in Adobe Reader XI completed and stored locally, or sent as an email attachment. The version 12 provides a unique tool from PDF editors for creating tables.

pdf-Office Professional 11.0 with improved and enhanced functionality

Apr 26, 2013 - UNIVERSE Software GmbH today announces pdf-Office Professional 11.0 with improved and enhanced functionality. Version 11.0 is the logical further development of low-cost alternative to Adobe Acrobat. With pdf-Office Professional, created PDF forms can be saved locally without restrictions in Adobe Reader XI completed, or be sent as an email attachment. Additionally Adobe LifeCycle created PDF forms can be read in, saved again and made storable.

pdf-Recover - Decrypts latest Adobe AES 256 Standard

Oct 09, 2012 - UNIVERSE Software GmbH has developed pdf-Recover, their software solution that automatically removes the encryption from PDF documents. It is an indispensable aid for all those who want to use their PDF files but forgot the master password. In this version, pdf-Recover removes the latest Adobe AES 256 encryption in the variant R6, the equivalent Acrobat X Standard. The PDF document can be used further without limitation; this also applies to PDF forms.

Simply Fill PDF Forms Directly with Excel or CSV Data

Sep 21, 2012 - UNIVERSE Software announces pdf-FieldMerge for Mac OS X, Windows 9x, and Linux. In the latest version of pdf-FieldMerge, Excel and CSV files can be opened directly and used as a data source. pdf-FieldMerge is for users who want to easily create customized PDF forms. Unlike PDF printers, drivers remain with pdf-FieldMerge created PDF forms and can be filled out or be overwritten. With one mouse click, the users specifies which records should be used to fill the PDF form template.

The 'Swiss PDF-knife' pdf-DocPro includes now a password checker

Sep 02, 2012 - UNIVERSE Software is proud to announce pdf-DocPro 9. To protect PDF documents, it is necessary to use passwords. A distinction is made in User Password and Master Password. The user password is required to open the PDF file. The master password controls the properties of the PDF file, such as whether the file can be printed. pdf-DocPro supported in version 9 is now the handling of passwords with a password checker. The password checker checks used master and user passwords based on rules.

Decrypt of Password-protected PDF documents inside Hot Folders

Jan 16, 2012 - UNIVERSE Software today is pleased to announce an updated pdf-Recover Server for Mac OS X. pdf-Recover Server Edition was specifically developed for companies that receive large numbers of PDF files for further processing or printing. The latest version supports the use of so-called hot folders. The user can specify the directories to be monitored automatically by the program. User passwords can be predefined, allowing even files that require a password to open the file to be decrypted.

Use PDF forms as templates for proper fdf data import

Nov 30, 2011 - UNIVERSE Software announces the updated fdf-Converter 6.0, for Mac. With version 6.0 of the fdf-Converter, the advancement of the program for easy editing of PDF form data. The Highlight of the new version: Supports PDF forms as templates for proper fdf data import. When exporting FDF data, the structure in the FDF file can vary. A simultaneous multiple import FDF files was not always possible. By using PDF forms as templates now have the correct assignment of the data is guaranteed.