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Launching Impaled, a beautiful action platform game for iOS

Dec 21, 2015 - Choofun Games today introduces Impaled 1.0, a beautiful and fast paced single tap platform game on iOS devices. In this one touch platformer, Impaled lets the player jump, glide or fly through a sequence of short but challenging levels. Develop your skill and take your hero ever further. New levels and playing styles keep you constantly on the edge. This is the game all jumping games want to grow up to be! All the levels are hand crafted in 3D with high resolution textures and advanced lighting.

Launching Block Earth - A New Dynamic Block World for iOS

Sep 14, 2012 - ChooFun Games introduces Block Earth 1.0, its new exploration and building app exclusively for iOS. Inspired by Minecraft, Infiniminer and Blockland, Block Earth presents the player with an unlimited world of blocks where anything can be built or destroyed. The player enters an endless world of soft hills, trees and lakes. From there he can begin to make the world his own. With high quality textures and smooth lighting, Block Earth brings one of the best looking dynamic worlds to iOS devices.

Suddenly, everybody wants to build with blocks

Sep 03, 2012 - Choofun Games HB today is pleased to announce BlockArt 1.1, an update to its 3d block-building app for iOS devices. BlockArt is an app for building 3d models out of small cubes, much like children build things out of wooden blocks or Lego pieces. This makes for a fast and easy way to test out a shape in 3d or just build something for fun. Advanced lighting techniques are running in the background to give the models a high level of depth and realism.

BlockArt for iOS asks, is 2D better than 3D

Jun 08, 2011 - ChooFun Games has released BlockArt 1.0 for iOS. Despite the promise of full 3D, many people still feel more comfortable with traditional 2D painting and drawing. After all, everyone can paint, but making great looking 3D models is usually a job for trained professionals. BlockArt aims to change all this. Learning from the success of real world Building Blocks and Lego, as well as applications like Minecraft, BlockArt is putting 3D modeling back where it belongs, in the hands of everybody.