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IseeToon's Comic Book App Murder DIEary Released for iPhone

Apr 02, 2012 - iSeeToon has released Murder DIEary Vol 1, its new comic book app for iPhone & iPad as in-App-Purchase. Created specifically for the digital medium, Murder DIEary by NOMABI is a Korean webtoon. One day, Tang Lee finds that he's become a serial killer, but all his victims happen to be evil criminals. Is he truly a cold-blooded murderer or some kind of grim hero? This gripping story about an accidental serial killer won a special Korea Content Award from the Korean Creative Content Agency in 2011.

iSeeToon's ill-Fated Relationship manhwa app receives excellent reviews

Aug 05, 2011 - iSeeToon announced that ill-Fated Relationship 1.1, their new manhwa app for iOS, has received excellent reviews. Created specifically for the digital medium, ill-Fated Relationship a dark romantic webtoon between two serial killers. Including 20 chapters of the story, plus some bonus material at the end, this eBook is a manhwa which are called webtoons in Korea. manhwa are similar to webcomics, but require the reader to scroll through the comic panel-by-panel instead of page-by-page.

Dark Romance comics app, Ill-Fated Relationship released

Jul 04, 2011 - iSeeToon released Dark Romance comics app Ill-Fated Relationship 1.0 for iPhone. Ill-Fated Relationship is comics App for iPhone, about Dark Romance between 2 serial killers. It has an unusual plot, dark and minimal but marvelous visual style. It follows indie art film style rather than usual comics. This app has 20 chapters and additional supplements for the fans. 148apps and Manga Bookshelf published very positive reviews about it.