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What If You Had (Celeb Edition) - Merge celebrity faces with your own

Feb 15, 2013 - Ever wondered what if you had Lady Gaga's eyes? Justin Bieber's nose? Now you can find out. Independent iOS developer, Itai Alter today introduces What If You Had? (Celeb Edition) 1.0, a new app for iOS that provides endless entertainment. Take your favorite Hollywood stars and merge their face with yours, for both a terrifying and awesome result. Choose from over 100 celebs and find out what you would look like with your favorite celebrity's face features.

Become a Movie Guru with Tagline Trivia, a Movie-Trivia Game for iOS

Jun 09, 2011 - Itai Alter has released Tagline Trivia 1.0 for iOS, a fast-paced, fun and challenging trivia game. The goal is to figure out the correct movie based on its promotional Tagline. A Tagline is a slogan or a short sentence that either reflects the story of the movie, or makes a witty remark on the movie's premise. You'll need Total Recall and Speed to avoid Armageddon if you wish to remain the Last Action Hero in this challenging, fun-filled movie trivia game.