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CalamitySoft releases Fljott 1.0 for iOS: Voice Controlled Side Scroller

Jul 11, 2011 - California based CalamitySoft today introduces Fljott 1.0 for iOS devices, its first foray into game development. Fljott is a vibrant side scrolling platformer with a unique twist. The game is completely controlled by the human voice, adding a fresh layer of immersion to a longstanding and beloved genre. Players will engage in a thrilling, high-speed chase across rooftops to a groovy funk soundtrack while racking up as many combo points as they can. It's old school fun with new school style.

CalamitySoft releases Tempus Practicus 1.1 for iOS - Tempo Trainer

Jun 08, 2011 - California based CalamitySoft announces Tempus Practicus 1.1, a technical update to their popular tempo training app for iOS devices. Tempo maintenance and ear training are serious, though often over-looked aspects of music making. This simple training tool delivers a powerful tempo-testing experience for aspiring conductors and musicians. Tempus Practicus will click out the beats like a normal metronome, rest for a number of beats, then resume playing and repeat.