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Classic 2 player strategy board game Turnablock now available on iOS

Oct 17, 2014 - Peepal Apps has today, introduced Turnablock 1.0, a classic 2 player strategy board game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Turnablock was invented by mathematician J. H. Conway in 1976, and was described in the Mathematical Games column of Scientific American. The game features online turn-based multiplayer, single player and 2 player offline mode. Turnblock for iOS also includes Game Center integration and combines the flavour of board game othello and winning strategy of Nim.

Baby's Day Out 1.0 for iOS - Fertility, Ovulation and Period Tracker

Aug 15, 2013 - Peepal Apps today introduces Baby's Day Out 1.0, their new fertility, ovulation and period tracker for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Baby's Day Out helps women plan for the future and pick the right time to have a baby. The app charts each monthly menstrual cycle so that a woman can anticipate the arrival of her next period and accurately predict high and low fertility days. The app comes complete with predictions, monthly calendars, period history and more.

Color Tower Lite 1.0 released - Tricky iOS puzzle game

Sep 14, 2011 - Indie Developer Tanu Kush is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Color Tower Lite 1.0, Free version of his puzzle game Color Tower. Color Tower is a unique and addictive Casual block building puzzle game which checks your speed, accuracy and strategy all. Color Tower Lite comes with 3 unique levels which are not available in the Full version of the App. It is a universal app which works on all iOS devices and has Game Center support.

Word Triangle 1.0 introduced for iPhone/iPad - Free Addicting Word Game

Aug 09, 2011 - Independent developer Tanu Kush today introduces Word Triangle 1.0, his first word game for iPhone and iPod touch. Available for Free, Word Triangle challenges your word building skills in a unique, challenging and fun word game. Each Word Triangle puzzle consists of 7 clues and 7 words starting with 1 letter on top to 7 letter word at the bottom in a Triangle shape. Sporting a neat and easy user interface, Word Triangle comes with beautiful classic style black and white theme.

New Openfeint/Game Center Enabled game Color Tower for iPhone released

Jun 22, 2011 - An Individual Developer Tanu Kush just released his first iphone/iPod touch/iPad game. Color Tower is a colored block building game. In the lower left corner a blueprint is given in each level that needs to be constructed. You can move a brick by selecting it with a tap and move it to the another place by tapping where you want it to go. In this way you replace the bricks until you have constructed the plan as shown on the blueprint.