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Introductory Maze App For Toddlers

Nov 15, 2012 - GiggleUp today announces Toddler Maze 123 (v2.0), their latest title developed for iPad. Toddler Maze features a series of interactive mazes designed to entertain young players in addition to its many benefits for early childhood development. Kids find their way through the twists and turns to the finish line with 20 unique mazes. With each new scene there are many interactive elements to play with and explore, complete with fun and simple animation accompanied by sound effects.

Interactive Science Lesson with Kids Farming iPad App

Oct 12, 2012 - Melbourne based GiggleUp today introduces Happy Little Farmer 2.0, its new interactive educational game developed exclusively for iPad. Ideal for children aged 3 to 8 years old, Happy Little Farmer offers great hands-on learning with a series of fun farm-themed activities. With up to 15 games, players engage with many ways of farming, including driving tractors, flying helicopters, and using different farming tools. Extra features include a bonus treasure hunt game with collectible stickers.

Buzz Me! by GiggleUp - All New Interactive Toy Phone for Learning

Jun 14, 2012 - GiggleUp today announces Buzz Me! Toy Phone 2.0, its latest kids app for iOS. Designed to look like a regular mobile phone, Buzz Me! Toy Phone provides a safe and kid-friendly environment for children to play grown-ups and explore with calling and texting. It's an all-in-one activity center for toddlers and young children featuring 24 mini games designed to educate and entertain. The gameplay is kept simple yet effective, with plenty of interactive elements to arouse children's curiosity.

Best Children's Time Telling App Now Available on Mac, by GiggleUp

May 10, 2012 - Melbourne-based GiggleUp Pty Ltd today announces Interactive Telling Time for Mac OS X. Featured by Apple as 'App of the Week' in multiple countries, this carefully thought out educational app features five game modes and one tutorial mode designed for young learners. It is great for independent learning, with customizable difficulty levels to accompany the child's progress; but can also be a useful tool for parents to guide younger children in learning about the time in a fun and easy way.

GiggleUp renovates kids shape puzzles app with new helpful features

Mar 22, 2012 - GiggleUp today is proud to announce updated Awesome Shape Puzzles 123 v2.1 for iOS. More than just a puzzle game, this latest app by GiggleUp seeks to give young children endless opportunity to learn about the world around them during the prime of their curiosity. Awesome Shape Puzzles 123 works like a picture dictionary consisting of more than 150 everyday words with the added value of a shape puzzles game to develop important learning and problem solving skills.

Sequel to best selling Jigsaw puzzles 123 for iPhone/iPad by GiggleUp

Sep 30, 2011 - GiggleUp today announced the release of Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123, which is now available exclusively for iPhone, iPod touch and HD on iPad. Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is a sequel to the best selling Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123, which has received rave reviews and featured in Apple's New & Noteworthy and What's Hot. In this educational game, kids can be kept busy with this delightful app for quite some time. It is great for families with varying ages of kids.

Toddler's Jigsaw Puzzle App for iPhone and iPad by GiggleUp

Jul 02, 2011 - Melbourne based GiggleUp Pty Ltd has released Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123 for iOS devices. This fun and education app was developed to suit the tastes and learning abilities of young children from ages 1 to 6. Start with simple 2-piece puzzles and gradually move up the levels to master the 16-piece puzzles. Watch the farm come to life with color when all the puzzles are completed. Cute animals and playful animations are sure to make this puzzle game a favourite pastime for kids.