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Dead Room - The Dark One

Apr 06, 2014 - Welcome to your worst nightmare! You will be pleased to hear that the long anticipated Dead Room - The Dark One is finally available from BlankHed Gaming. Dead Room is one of those games that you don't want to play because its so scary but freedom may just be around the next corner. Imagine falling asleep in your comfortable bed and waking up in the darkest, most scary environment you have ever experienced. You have one goal, finding keys that will hopefully get you out.

Doodle Munchies HD is taking over!

Sep 20, 2011 - Doodle Munchies HD is so much more than your average jump game, or your plain old run forever game. Make your way through 5 unique planets by running, jumping, farting and flying! Help Bob unlock all of his friends as well as all of their special prizes. Doodle Munchies is super addictive, so get prepare to get Munched Now! BlankHed Gaming brings you "Doodle Munchies HD" Currently ranked #46 iPad Paid/Entertainment (US Store) after 2 days!

AlkaZar 1.0 released for iOS - Available Now - Get Addicted

Jul 26, 2011 - BlankHed Gaming today introduces AlkaZar 1.0, their new physics based puzzle game for iOS devices. The peaceful town of Alkazania has been tormented for the past five decades by a treacherous blood sucking vampire Alkazar. Help the town by breaking all the blocks and getting Alkazar to fall onto his tomb, the only place he can be destroyed. Extremely easy to learn but definitely keep you challenged, AlkaZar will keep your mind working for hours on end as you achieve 60 well planned levels.

Raccoon Rampage 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch is released

Jun 28, 2011 - BlankHed Gaming has released Raccoon Rampage 1.0 for iOS. Raccoon Rampage is a fast paced iPhone/iPod touch arcade game aimed at people who enjoy the challenges of a constant runner with many obstacles. This fast paced platform game will keep you on the edge the whole way through. With its 3 unique worlds and 24 levels you most definitely get your adrenaline fill over and over again. So stretch those fingers and get ready to start gaming.