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New Jam Session app is the easy way to build a gapless playlist on iOS

Mar 31, 2016 - Rome-based iOS developer, Fabrizio Bartolomucci today introduces Jam Session 1.0, a new iOS app for creating gapless playlists for Zumba, aerobics and dance classes. Jam Session allows anyone to select a number of tunes from their iTunes library and assign them to a playlist. Once the playlist is started, the tunes are played in a row without any interruption between them. The app uses a proprietary algorithm to find the right point of change with the next song and seamlessly merges the two.

iPuja 3.2 - New features added to popular meditation app

Dec 04, 2014 - MiaFoto today announces iPuja 3.2, an update to its popular meditation toolkit developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iPuja allows adherents to remember the times of the required meditation sessions. This app contains everything required to participate in the recommended morning and afternoon sittings, along with the ability to shift them to match a changing schedule. Version 3.2 introduces new features that help users reach an elevated state of awareness.

New Limo Manager iOS App offers a worldwide legal alternative to Uber

Sep 02, 2014 - Developer, Fabrizio Bartolomucci releases Limo manager 1.0, a new taxi management app that simplifies taxi booking & driver assignment to deliver a better service to minicab, taxi and limousine fleet managers. Dispatchers can streamline & simplify their operations without affecting customer service. Built around the popular Taxi Professional app, Limo Manager provides new features that make managing trips as simple as tapping on a map while allowing drivers to legally use the new technologies.

In Arrivo HD Adds Raft of New In-App Upgrades as Part of Major Overhaul

Nov 22, 2013 - MiaFoto today is proud to announce version 7.1 of location-aware iPhone app allows for true forward planning of travel through Rome and Milan. Travellers and tourists alike will welcome new features available in the latest version of the hit social travel app In Arrivo HD, helping to make it even easier to get around the Italian capital. The new Time Machine module allows travellers to plan and save journeys and activities in advance. App users can see the sites, get to work or make new friends.

New Share & Spare app makes social travel simple and fun

Jun 28, 2013 - Mia Foto released today Share & Spare 1.0 for iOS, designed to make travel a more social experience at home and abroad. Using location services, Share & Spare allows users to easily map journeys and invite other app users to join them along the way. By sharing start and end points, Share & Spare app users can quickly and easily network with other travellers heading in the same direction. They can then agree to share costs, making the journey cheaper, and friendlier, in the process.

Make Friends and Share Bills with In Arrivo, The Social Travel App

Apr 22, 2013 - The latest version of In Arrivo has been released to the App Store. The new version 6.0 of the popular iOS travel app makes it easy to get around Rome and Milan on bus, train or taxi, meet fellow travelers and make new friends both in Italy and, as a bonus, the rest of the world. The app allows travelers to connect for friendship, taxi sharing and more, while still providing a rock-solid route-planning system for getting around the city.

Taxi Professional iPhone App Provides Comprehensive Trip Management Kit

Feb 12, 2013 - Developer, Fabrizio Bartolomucci announces Taxi Professional 1.8 for iOS. This is an update to the free app designed to help travelers and taxi drivers connect when traveling. Providing turn-by-turn navigation, taxi booking and accurate fare calculation, the app helps taxi drivers deliver an efficient and trustworthy service and maximize their earning potential. Using the app, drivers identify locations by trip profitability, best paying customers, and highest concentration of travelers.

Lost in Rome? These apps could get you back on the road

Nov 08, 2012 - Italian iOS developer, Fabrizio Bartolomucci announces the latest versions of his comprehensive suite of iOS travel apps. The suite makes navigating Rome simple using bus, metro or taxi providing a location-aware mapping system and a secure taxi booking and dispatch service. easily navigate the 8000 bus stops dotted across the city and obtain up-to-the minute details of each bus location. The In Arrivo apps are complimented by Taxi Professional, which notifies taxi drivers of customer bookings.

inArrivo Update Promises to Make Travel by Bus in Rome Easier

Apr 03, 2012 - Version 3 of location-aware iPhone app removes the complexity of public transport for visitors to the Italian capital by introducing full Retina display, more timely results and a route planning system. Created by Italian iOS app developer Fabrizio Bartolomucci to remove the complexity of the Roman bus system, the third iteration of the "In Arrivo!" app introduces a number of new developments designed to make use of public transport even easier.