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Cartoonify and Beautify Apps released for Valentine's Day

Feb 09, 2012 - Two companion mobile Apps embrace a wide range of photo manipulations from fun, exciting, artistic to romantic. Cartoonify 2012 transforms ordinary photos into cartoons with 20 different styles or "looks". Beautify has been given a major update that delivers full control over complexion, either to match skin-tones exactly or to play with lightening or tanning effects. They are an ideal way to express special thoughts on Valentine's Day and to keep installed for any occasion.

Beautify - the first iPhone App that understands facial attractiveness

Jul 02, 2011 - Have you ever taken a photo where you didn't look your best? Uncut Video today introduces Beautify 1.0, their new image analysis solution for iOS and Intel devices. With no touchup skills necessary, Beautify uses facial attractiveness technology for an instant makeover, automatically. The app contains its own "model of perfection" that it applies to the portrait while preserving individuality. Beautified profile photos are easily uploaded to Facebook or Twitter with a single click.