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Master Password 1.2.1 for iOS - A Revolution in Password Management

Jul 03, 2012 - Lyndir today introduces Master Password 1.2.1 for iOS, a password management application that's different. Employing a special algorithm designed by Lyndir that creates unique and secure passwords for any purpose, Master Password helps its users to use good passwords and makes them practically immune to loss or theft. Master Password generates passwords on-demand, without requiring anything to be saved on the device or in the cloud.

Lhunath releases Gorillas 1.2 - QBasic Classic ported to the iPhone

Apr 08, 2009 - Lhunath today announced Gorillas 1.2 for the iPhone. Gorillas is a modern open source port of the classic QBasic game. The original was basically a simplistic artillery game with a twist. Instead of artillery shooting missiles, gorillas were introduced that threw exploding bananas. The port adds and extends on the theme while preserving the spirit of the original. Endless hours of gameplay ensured against either an AI or friends.