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Solaris: rover expedition 1.0 released for iOS and Android

Dec 16, 2015 - UK based mobile app and game development company, Fan Studio today introduces Solaris: rover expedition 1.0, their latest mobile app game available for both iOS and Android users. This space-oriented game offers players of all ages the unique ability to design and test their own space rovers on the rough terrain of a Mars-like planet. The game challenges players to travel the furthest distance while dealing with terrain obstacles such as loose rubble, crevasses, and rocky precipices.

Save the Planet - Airplane Fighter released for iOS and Android

Aug 06, 2015 - UK based Fan Studio today introduces Save the Planet - Airplane Fighter 1.0, their new vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game available to iPhone and Android devices. Set in the time of World War II, the player pilots a fighter airplane while on a mission to save the planet. Players must deftly navigate through the various levels with a weaponized plane, in the manner of desert strikes and river raids. Survive five different levels and terrains, shoot down enemies and beat each level's boss.

Wall Race 1.01: Multiplayer Speed Racing Game With Leaderboard Battles

Feb 27, 2015 - Fan Studio today announces the release of Wall Race 1.01, a speed racing go-kart game for iOS devices. Wall Race gives gamers a sleek and futuristic racing experience with high speeds of up to 500km/h and easy on-screen controls. Racers take to the track to outrace highest leaderboard scores or enjoy a multiplayer experience with friends. Either way, gamers perform high-speed aerial stunts, race along streets and airborne tracks, while using strategy to slow down opponents with arsenal weaponry.

Nature - The Best Pocket Secure All-in-One Personal Notes 2.0 Touch ID

Dec 05, 2014 - Fan Studio today announces Nature - Private and Secret Photo and Notes Vault 2.0, a significant update to their powerful file manager for iOS devices. Nature securely stores private files and requires the user's fingerprint or a password for older devices to login. Photos are encrypted using AES-256 and users can confidently record their passwords and private diaries in text notes. The update contains several major improvements including a new engine, functionality, and additional features.

Fan Studio introduces Nature - Private and Secret Photo Vault for iOS8

Oct 06, 2014 - UK based Fan Studio Mobile App Development today introduces Nature - Private and Secret Photo and Notes Vault 1.03, their new photo utility app for iOS 8 devices. Nature is a photo and notes manager like never before, being one of the first apps that are using Touch ID. All the photos are encrypted using a AES-256 encryption. No one is able to see them as they are encrypted. Nature - Private and Secret Photo and Notes Vault means no more passwords, now use your fingerprint.

Fan Studio UK introduces Brain Bumpers 1.0 - New memory game

Jun 14, 2014 - Fan Studio today introduces Brain Bumpers 1.0, a challenging memory game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Featuring many different levels you and your family will definitely love, Brain Bumpers offers the best way to improve your brain by training your working memory (short-term) which is linked to IQ and overall brain health. It's your job to store the bumpers position in your short term memory. Based on your memory of the bumpers you have to decide where the ball will land.

Gym Tuck Fitness App for iOS Revamps and Personalizes Working Out

Nov 22, 2013 - Core Concepts Studio introduces Gym Tuck 1.0 for iOS. Gym Tuck uses BOYTAM, a revolutionary method never used in a fitness app before. BOYTAM stands for "Bet On Yourself To Achieve More" and it adds a strong competitive element to exercising. Choose a Procedure and then bet on how many tucks (Lipsey's term for exercises) they can cope with and for how long. This goal-driven method helps people achieve and go past their threshold to get the best results while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Rhythm Rooms - Educational Music Game for iOS and Android

Aug 14, 2013 - Percussion Rooms in collaboration with Fan Studio today is proud to announce the release of Rhythm Rooms 1.0, its new educational interactive music app. You can learn and copy given rhythms or you can play and create your own. You can experiment and try out new instrument combinations giving different instruments to Jake, Sophie, Natasha and Louie. Kids will be able to listen and then reproduce different rhythms by playing instruments like: djembe, bongo, conga, udu, maracas, cow bell and more.

TrafficVille 3D 1.1 iOS game is released

May 14, 2013 - Fan Studio announces TrafficVille 3D 1.1, a new addition to their popular TrafficVille series for iOS. Prevent crashes by tapping the traffic lights. Changing the lights at the wrong moment or not paying attention to the Firetruck can throw this puzzle game into chaos. As you progress through the levels the traffic lights become time controlled and do not stay Red for more than 7 seconds. Version 1.1 improves performances on older devices and introduces a new Apocalyptic Bonus - Meteor Shower.