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iPIN - Password Safe is available for iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows

Mar 14, 2014 - Ibilities Inc has released iPIN, their mobile safe for all important passwords and PINs of everyday life, for iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and now Android. With an innovative sensor keyboard you'll have quick access to all your PINs. Just remember a geometrical shape, a digit, an alphabetic character or an individual sensor combination and set up your private sensor code. Confidential data is encrypted. To celebrate the good news, all four versions are offered at half price.

CalcTape 2.0: A calculator for the iPhone and iPad with note function

Feb 04, 2014 - SFR Software GmbH today announces CalcTape 2.0.0, an update to their popular financial Calculator developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. CalcTape is just the calculator that users have always wanted on their mobile devices. The app records all calculations on a virtual paper tape; it even allows comments and subsequent changes. Version 2.0 merges the iPhone and iPad apps into a universal app, features a new iOS-7 interface, supports AirDrop, and is able to send out and print calculations.

Slidee: Control PDF Presentations via the iPad

Feb 03, 2014 - The iPad is increasingly establishing itself in the business world. Thanks to Slidee, users can now go even one step further. Slidee is essential when it comes to displaying elaborate PDF presentations on the iPad, showcasing them and adding notes to it. During a lecture, individual pages can be transferred to a large screen via AirPlay Mirroring. Slidee automatically calculates the required speaking time and assists in the preparation of a new lecture.

App X-Cards - Let the cards tell you what 2014 has in store for you

Jan 15, 2014 - Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the answers to questions like: Does my partner still love me? Will I do well in the test? Am I going to move? Anyone that is uncertain, or looking for the common thread in his life, can now find out what the future has in store - by simply taking a look at the cards. Jasmin Andres (inventor of the Pandora Cards) introduces X-Cards, a universal app for the iPhone and iPad. There are 36 cards with detailed descriptions. Card Reading for when your are on the road.

1001 Photo Effects: Free iPhone/iPad App with over 1000 photo effects

Jan 15, 2014 - Berlin based Change My Style Apps introduces 1001 Photo Effects 1.0. Upload a photo, select effect, send altered photo to friends. Done. It does not get much easier. The new app, 1001 Photo Effects can be used on the iPhone and iPad, completely free, and without in-app purchases. It is a great tool to optimize, alter and spiff up all types of photos, turning them into little works of art. Filters are divided into 38 categories, making it easy for the user to quickly locate the desired effect.

tellows pro puts an end to receiving annoying calls on the iPhone

Dec 16, 2013 - Everyone is familiar with it: The iPhone rings and once again it is one of those annoying individuals that wants to sell you something, asks you to participate in a survey or invites you to enter a contest. It is definitely a nuisance. tellows, the largest phone number evaluation community, uses a caller ID feature that puts an end to the harassment. Users receive a warning - even before they accept the incoming call. From now until Christmas tellows pro is priced at only $0.99.

ABC Xenegugeli now released in 4 languages for iPhone and iPad

Aug 21, 2013 - Xenegugeli, the sound and picture album, has taught thousands of children how to write. Early on the children's songwriter and author recognized the potential of mobile apps. Roland Zoss transferred Xenegugeli, which is being used successfully in many Swiss preschools and elementary schools, to the iPhone and iPad. Now the complete work of art, which was compiled by approximately 50 artists, is being newly released - in four languages.

A new version of iPIN for iPhone, iPad and Mac is here

Jul 08, 2013 - Nobody can remember all passwords and PINs that we use in everyday life. A good alternative is to entrust them to iPIN. The digital password-safe has established itself already on the Mac and iPhone/iPad. The new iPin version has a lot of great improvements like keeping all iPIN versions up to date via the new WiFi synchronization and is currently being offered at half price, plus iPin is now available for Windows as well.

Megatrends HD - 99 trend-charts for future planning - now also for iPad

Jul 03, 2013 - Companies need to do long term planning, taking the 20 most important megatrends into consideration. Climate change, digital culture, globalization and an ever-aging world population represent only four of the megatrends, which are influencing the daily work and long-term progress of a company. After the huge success of the iPhone app Megatrends an iPad version is being introduced that features a clearly enhanced content and functionality: Megatrends HD.