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Superfan Remakes Duck Hunt

Oct 06, 2016 - 1Tucan today announces Learning Letters - Alphabet Hunt 1.0.4, their popular educational app for iOS and Android devices. Set the stage for reading success with this cool interactive game. Kids will have so much fun learning their ABCs with the dog and flying letters. Ideal for kids 1-4, this game reinforces letter recognition, phonetics and language learning. Before you know it, your child will have built a strong foundation in reading readiness and have a blast doing so!

Changing The Environmental Impact On The Earth is 'Child's play' iOS App

Apr 14, 2015 - 1tucan, acclaimed developer of creative educational apps for young children, is pleased to announce the release of its third educational app Bert Saves the Earth for iOS. The app teaches small kids different ways to help to create a greener Earth and Associate environmental effects to daily activities. Bert Save The Earth has received overwhelming acclaim for its visual excellence and its original game-play, having the ability to develop environmental awareness and cause and effect thinking.

Xmas Around the World - The Most Popular Christmas App 2014

Nov 06, 2014 - 1tucan today introduces Xmas : Christmas & celebrations around the world 1.1, its new children's educational game for iOS devices. This free game invites children on a trip around the world to visit other continents and experience their culture and how Christmas is celebrated. With every new scene your child will be introduced to a new country with all their cultural differences in terms of history, music, anecdotes and all the enchanting legends.

What the Potty Training Business Hopes Will Never be Discovered

Nov 04, 2013 - 1Tucan today is proud to announce version 2.0 of Potty Training: Learning with the animals for iOS. The children training business just got its wake-up call: 1Tucan latest innovation: the app "Potty Train: Learning with the Animals", a better way to potty train toddlers. An engaging app that illustrates, inspires and educates children. Available for iOS and Android devices that has already motivated more than 40,000 kids. It received the 1st prize in the Columbiatic 2013 Awards as the Best App.

1Tucan Launches Ducky Duck Hinting Game with New Features and Levels

Apr 18, 2013 - 1tucan has released a new and improved iPhone and iPad game Ducky Duck Hunting 3.0 offering new features and bonus levels. Users relive all of the fun and challenge of their Nintendo days classic duck hunt game, with Ducky Duck Hunting. The app features bonus levels where players can kill the annoying bear, instead of the dog.

Potty Training App for Toddlers - This, I Have to See for Myself

Apr 11, 2013 - 1tucan, a leading mobile application and game developer, today introduces Potty Training: Learning with the animals 1.0 onto the App Store. Compatible with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, this unique children's education utility helps youngsters get in the zone and learn how to go to the bathroom while keeping the mood light and happy. The app is structured as a straightforward game, and tastefully imagined to ensure that there's no potty humor involved in potty training.

The Popular 80's Game River Raid is Back on iPhone/iPad and Android

Nov 30, 2012 - 1tucan are prepared to thrill their audience with the new video game River Raid 3.1. And, they say that it is one great video game which will surely take gamers down memory lane. The game is based on the 80s game River Raid and the developers want users to remember their old times playing it. In this new version graphics have been changed into more modern ones. River Raid!! 3.1 features renewed maps, renewed airplanes, game skills, interface and much more.

Duck Hunt Ringtone for iPhone

Oct 10, 2012 - 1Tucan introduces Duck Hunt Dog, a new retro ringtone for iPhone. Any one who grew up in the 1980's and was a video game fan, played the classic light gun shooter, Duck Hunt. It, along with Super Mario Bros, is probably the most famous pack in video games. One of the things that many people remember about Duck Hunt is that smug SOB of a dog who would laugh every time players would fail. iPhone owners can be reminded of that dog every time the phone rings with this cool and funky ring tone.

River Raid is Back for iPhone, iPad and Android

Sep 05, 2012 - 1Tucan announces River Raid planes 1.2 for iOS. Gamers who grew up in the 80's and had an Atari 2600 or maybe even a 5200 must have played the classic Activision shooter River Raid. It was one of the most addicting and ground breaking shooters to hit the gaming scene. For years fans have reminisced about how great the original River Raid was and have waited for a game to once again have the charm that River Raid did. River Raid is back.