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Graffiti Words Paints the App Store ... Yellow???

Dec 06, 2012 - Software development company PDL Productions, L.L.C. today introduces Graffiti Words 1.0, their latest gaming title for iOS and Android devices. In this simple yet challenging word game with a fun graffiti art theme, you'll have the task of 'painting' as many 3 to 8 letter words on the brick wall as you can during the 3 minute time period. Get up to 5X your points by using different 'bonus' letters to increase your score. Graffiti words is a fun app for the whole family - kids, teens & adults!

iRound Up Lassos Apple's App Store

Dec 15, 2011 - Software development company PDL Productions, L.L.C. today introduces iRound Up 1.0, their latest gaming title for iOS devices, and concluding their "3 in 3" Campaign for December 2011. In iRound Up, choose to be a cowboy or cowgirl and wrangle in the bulls, or a farm dog and herd in the sheep, or even a sheriff and capture the runaway bandits. Three different arenas provide a total of 45 challenging levels. Capture all 460+ targets in the game using simple touch controls.

PDL Productions Unveils 3 in 3 Campaign

Dec 01, 2011 - PDL Productions, LLC announces their plans to release 3 products in 3 weeks this December. The "3 in 3" Campaign kicks off with today's release of iShoot It HD 2.0, an update featuring substantial improvements to the already popular iPad game. The campaign continues next week with the launch of a memory testing game, iPuzzler. Saving the best for last, the campaign concludes the following week with the launch of iRound Up, an addicting physics puzzle game. Both for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

iSubmarine 2.0 Docks at the App Store

Aug 05, 2011 - Oklahoma based PDL Productions, L.L.C. today announces iSubmarine 2.0 for iPhone & iPod touch. You are piloting one of 13 available submarines through enemy waters, laced with explosive underwater mines. Armed with only torpedo's, how far can you guide your sub without blowing up? Survive long enough and 3 power-up icons will help by protecting your submarine, shrinking or even power boosting you through the water. Prove your worth as a submarine pilot and unlock 2 additional difficulty levels.