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On Launch Day Zuba Deluxe Among the Best-Selling games in US App Store

Feb 09, 2012 - Good News 4 Me can now lay claim to having the best selling game among the U.S. App Store market with its newly released game Zuba Deluxe. Though the game holds a similar style of famous blockbuster games Zuma and Luxor, it has managed to attract even more users with its unique idea and challenging atmosphere. Zuba Deluxe is centered on the Ancient Maya Civilization that pushed over the edge, after an evil spirit has stolen the golden pieces of the Mayan magical statue.

75,000 Downloads for Lazy Bee game in just one week

Aug 24, 2011 - A new game "Lazy Bee" is being launched by Good News4me, granting its users with the ability of designing, publishing and sharing their own levels online. Lazy Bee comes in HD graphics, built according to sophisticated physics engines and all embraced by cheering sound effects. The game helps in creating the spirit of creativity and imagination through setting the mission of delivering the honey to the game's Hero Bee. Within the game players can design their own levels and publish it online.