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Asking - Make online surveys or forms on your fingertips

Oct 15, 2015 - Wenjoy Technologies has released Asking 1.2.0, an app service for mobile survey on iOS devices. Build a questionnaire on your fingertips in just 5 minutes, and send it to friends or customers via WhatsApp or messenger to collect feedbacks. The questionnaire can be answered on any platform or system. All survey results are pushed back to your iPhone immediately. The statistics of the answers are computed in the clouds so the entire process is completely free from doing statistics manually.

eXpress2U - Transfer your videos instantly and safely

Dec 03, 2013 - Wenjoy Technologies today announces eXpress2U 1.3.0, its popular video transfer app for iOS devices. Send videos or any files to friends who has this app installed, as long as you know his cell phone number. No matter how much video you take, you can transfer them out on your own. With its powerful security mechanisms for protection, you can control the videos you transferred. With eXpress2U, the phone number of the other party is all you need to send a file instantly.

Walking on the Cloud with OrganiDoc and ASUS

May 29, 2012 - OrganiDoc for iPhone and OrganiDoc HD for iPad, have long been popular in mobile storage and file management. Incredibly easy-to-use and efficient, ASUS Web Storage is a cloud storage service with a voluminous user-base and supports numerous ASUS Notebooks. It provides a fairly stable platform, especially in the Greater China area. Wenjoy Technologies is offering a special promotion. Users who enter in a drawing may win a prize of one-year-free 50GB ASUS Web Storage.

Shake iPhones Together, Share Files to Each Other - iPhone App shake2u

Mar 14, 2012 - Wenjoy Technologies today introduces shake2u 1.0, its new file sharing utility for iOS devices. Send files instantly through WiFi or Bluetooth. With the specially designed technology of matching and transferring, shake2u relieves friends and business associates from going through the conventional cumbersome steps to send files between iPhones. When two iPhones are shaken together, a connection is automatically established, except that a confirmation is needed if it's the first time.

OrganiDoc HD - Turn iPad into a Flash Disk and Document Hub

Aug 24, 2011 - Wenjoy Technologies has introduced Tab flash disk on the go - OrganiDoc HD 2.6.1, for iPad. OrganiDoc HD is an easy-to-use iPad file management application. It turns the iPad into a manageable file storage with automatic file categorization; transfer files to and fro between iPad and PC/Web Storage and protect sensitive files. It recognizes file types and automatically categories documents, pictures and multimedia files to achieve a well-organized personal file system on iPad.

Use Xdownload to Enjoy Entertainment Uninterruptedly on your iPhone

Aug 08, 2011 - David Inc. has announced xDownload 1.0.01, an app for downloading and managing audio, video, and more on your iPhone. Ever been annoyed by halting 3G speed when accessing online video or audio? Hand-tied by browser which doesn't let you save the file when you come across one that you like? xDownload gives you the power to pull all you want into a background downloading queue. It manages the download files so you can enjoy them uninterruptedly and without consuming your 3G data quota.