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Based in Coldbrook, Canada and established in 2008. Indie developer and high school Engish teacher Daniel Massicotte creates iPhone apps in his spare time. Teacher by day and travels throughtout Korea during the weekends. Daniel's next target destination for traveling is Jeju Island, and he intends on making an iPhone game to reflect his experience there.
Ebay Selling Live Rats - Tiny Tap Rat iPhone iOS Source Code Revealed

Jan 14, 2012 - After making a splash on the iPhone app store, Daniel has decided to sell his app on eBay giving the full rights of ownership including all images and websites to the highest bidder. The rat ridden games features a cute light grey rat named Baly who runs across 3 different kinds of pizzas, collecting more points with each kind of pizza. Daniel is selling the code because his marketing skills need perfecting, and he knows this game will fair very well, in the right hands.

Dorm Room Programmer Discovers Girls Like Rats - Thank You Tiny Tap Rat

Dec 17, 2011 - Daniel Massicotte announces after programming and launching the popular iOS iPhone game Tiny Tap Rat, business owner discovers 68% of users downloading the app are women. Could women be attracted to the word "rat" in the title? Or could they be search the words "Tiny" and "Tap" more frequently than men? Daniel Massicotte reports. Furthermore, the age reporting system Flurry provides developers is indicating that 46.2% of the total users who play Tiny Tap Rat are between the ages of 13 and 17.

Daniel Massicotte's iPhone Gaming Apps Approach 10,000 Download Mark

Dec 14, 2011 - Daniel Massicotte, owner of 5 apps in the app store has announced that the number of downloads for his apps has nearly overcome the 10,000 mark. Daniel has been creating and marketing iPhone apps in the Canadian app store, available worldwide for just over 3 months. His most popular app, Mine Sweeper II FREE gets 120 - 200 downloads per day. The actual number fluctuates depending on many factors including updates posted and marketing efforts.

Tiny Tap Rat - All New Game With A Story and A Mission For Pizza Lovers

Dec 12, 2011 - Daniel Massicotte introduces Tiny Tap Rat 1.1 for iOS, featuring a rat, named Baly running across a pizza. An angry cook is yelling behind him as he scurries across the red, yellow and red stretches of pizza. The more foods of a certain kind he eats, the greater the combos and points he racks up. The object of the game, is to score as many points as possible, in one go. Baly can eat anything but pepperoni. If he eats one piece of pepperoni he'll get pudgy. Four pepperoni slices Bally is dead.

The Mine Sweeper Collection Makes A New Face: Mine Prank

Dec 03, 2011 - Daniel Massicotte releases a new app, Mine Prank 1.0 for iOS, designed to give users the satisfaction of watching their friends stare in dismay at a screen void of all color. Mine Prank features a full game, menu, options, graphics and visuals in gray scale. The game works just as it normally would, with the only difference being of course that it's void of all color. Daniel's other apps, including Mine Sweeper Maniac and Mine Sweeper II.

Mine Sweeper Apps Honor Black Friday in USA and Thanksgiving in Korea

Nov 25, 2011 - Daniel Massicotte's Mine Sweeper apps have recently been updated to celebrate Black Friday -in the USA. Expats throughout South Korea are celebrating Thanksgiving with imported turkey and updating their iPhone apps. Mine Sweeper Maniac was designed to give users an experience of playing 10 nigh-on impossible levels, starting easy. The game is not for the feint of heart and caters to players who have the required patience to play non stop. The game features a special "stealth mode."

Daniel Massicotte's iPhone Apps Are All About Brotherly Revenge

Oct 28, 2011 - Daniel builds an iPhone mine sweeper game to get final revenge on his brother, 2 years younger than him who used to beat him when they were little. Just last month Daniel released his first app, Mine Sweeper II. His game takes you through 10 levels that get progressively harder. Passing the fourth stage becomes pro gamers' pride to be able to accomplish. Daniel warms you up, and then gives you a challenge. His incredible graphics design keeps the game engaging, as does the background music.