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NetSpot 2.4.623 for Mac - new features, enhancements, and fixes

Oct 06, 2015 - Atlanta based NetSpot, the award-winning wireless network survey app for Mac, has released a new build on version 2.4. NetSpot 2.4.623 includes three new features: AP indicators in 3 new sizes, option to export only the surveyed part of your map, and the ability to easily copy network's name MAC-address into clipboard. NetSpot 2.4.623 also has enhanced how you add custom aliases to networks in the sidebar, map calibrations usability, and how the heatmap is generated on Retina displays.

NetSpot 2.4 for Mac Adds More Wi-Fi Site Survey Features

Oct 13, 2014 - Etwok, LLC released NetSpot 2.4, the award-winning Wi-Fi site survey app that brings Mac users a full-featured set of network survey tools, giving network professionals everything they need to optimize their wireless network for maximum coverage and efficiency. New features now accessible from Preferences include the ability to add an iperf3 server address for active scanning via TCP and/or UDP, import and export global AP aliases, and auto-clear old Discover Mode data.

NetSpot WiFi Reporter On Sale in the Mac App Store for One Week Only

Feb 18, 2014 - Etwok team announces 1-week sale for their NetSpot Reporter app on the Mac App Store. NetSpot Reporter provides an unprecedented set of network survey tools, allowing users to create detailed heatmaps of existing Wi-Fi networks and quickly troubleshoot sources of noise and interference. Between February 18-25, 2014, you can download this unique Wi-Fi analysis, discovery, survey software for only $9.99, instead of regular $49.99.

NetSpot Adds More Wi-Fi Site Survey Features for Mac

May 29, 2013 - Etwok, LLC releases NetSpot 2.1, the award-winning Wi-Fi site survey app that brings Mac users a full-featured set of network survey tools, giving network professionals everything they need to optimize their wireless network for maximum coverage and efficiency. New features and improvements include the ability to create detailed custom reports, visualize frequency band and PHY mode coverage, import zones and snapshots from other projects, and calculation speeds that are now 2-3 times faster.

NetSpot Wins 2012 MacWorld Editors' Choice Award

Jan 22, 2013 - NetSpot 2, the acclaimed Wi-Fi site survey app, has been named as a MacWorld 2012 Editors' Choice Award winner. The award is given each year to Mac products that stand out for their impressive examples of quality, value, and innovation. NetSpot 2 brings Mac users an unprecedented set of network survey tools, giving them the power to visualize their networks, identify areas of weakness and quickly correct problems. The PRO edition includes multi-floor scanning, active scanning, and more.

NetSpot Rolls Out Enhanced Wi-Fi Site Survey Tools for Mac

Oct 22, 2012 - NetSpot has announced the release of NetSpot 2.0 - powerful Wi-Fi site survey software for Mac users, which allows visualizing their networks, identifying areas of weakness and correcting problems. The standard version of NetSpot 2.0 includes a wireless discover mode, a new streamlined interface, and more. NetSpot 2.0 offers premium paid additions for the users that need more advanced Wi-Fi survey features, while its standard version remains free and includes top requested options.

NetSpot comes to the Mac App Store and gets top 5 among free Utilities

Apr 24, 2012 - NetSpot WiFi site survey and analysis utility is finally available on the Mac App Store hitting Top 5 ranking in the Utilities category and Top 20 overall. Built from scratch to map your WiFi coverage using your built-in AirPort adapter, NetSpot is a professional wireless network management app designed exclusively and natively for Mac OS. Polished UI, exceptional usability and a balanced set of features make many users wonder why NetSpot is free.

NetSpot 1.1 - new version of Wi-Fi mapping software for Mac

Nov 08, 2011 - The NetSpot Team has announced that NetSpot version 1.1 is now available for download. NetSpot 1.1 lets anyone run a quick and extremely effective Wi-Fi site survey and quickly map wireless coverage of a living area, office space, new building, etc. NetSpot Wi-Fi mapper makes it super-easy to diagnose areas of poor reception in your Wi-Fi network, as well as locate troublesome areas of noise-generating machinery that could be causing wireless traffic issues.

NetSpot - The only Native Wireless Site Survey Software for Mac

Aug 10, 2011 - NetSpot 1.0 Beta lets you conduct a wireless site survey of almost any complexity totally for free. NetSpot boasts simple and fast data collection users of any computer level will master quickly. It uses the standard Wi-Fi network adapter and its Airport interface to map radio signal strength and other wireless network parameters and build powerful reports on top of that. See how your wireless network operates in your office, house, campus, cafe, airport, or actually any building or area.