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VersaTimer - Timer/Stopwatch App with Speech and unique Rule System

Jan 16, 2012 - Vivendo Software today introduces VersaTimer 1.0, their new timer/stopwatch app developed exclusively for iOS devices. VersaTimer offers the ability to announce the time left or passed using speech. It features a unique rule system where up to five rules can be defined to play different sounds or announce the time at different intervals. Additional features are the repeat mode and the ability to start/stop the timer by shaking the device.

Children's ABC - iPhone/iPad app with hand painted illustrations

Aug 18, 2011 - Featuring a super-easy interface, Children's ABC is an alphabet app for kids, with beautiful animated hand painted illustrations and a easy-to-use interface that kids learn how to use in seconds. Even a toddler will quickly understand how to use. Each letter is presented with a word and an illustration. The child can touch each letter and word to hear it pronounced, as well as touch the picture to start animations combined with sounds. Swipe from page to page, or easily jump to any page.