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Jungla: Coloring Books 1.3 released

Oct 20, 2011 - Advance Corp introduces Jungla: Coloring Books 1.3, for iOS devices. The new era brings in new rules - your fingers are now a ruler or the compasses. Try out the well known drawing tools in their new digital implementation! New coloring app Jungla helps kids to explore the world in a fun and playful way to develop their creative abilities. Designed for a wide age range of users, and it will be interesting as the youngest and to the older kids. Jungla permanently draws child's attention.

Kids First Game

Sep 10, 2011 - Advance Corp has introduced Kids First Game 1.0, for iOS devices. It's a fascinating and simple puzzle for the kids. On the playing field there are three spinning reels, that can be rotated by swiping up or down. The reels present different parts of funny little animals, sea inhabitants and birds. The main task is to compose the full picture. If you pick up all parts right, then you can see the name of a beautiful animal and hear the sounds the animal can make.