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Exploration and Puzzle Adventure Game TRI is out now on Steam

Oct 09, 2014 - The two-headed Rat King - consisting of Friedrich Hanisch and Jana Reinhardt - proudly present their first-person triangle puzzler set in a breathtaking, colourful minimalistic world of mad gravitation and vertiginous heights. There they equip you with a tool to explore every angle in the Realm of the Odd Gods - the TRI. Features include first-person puzzle exploration adventure platformer in 3D, reflecting light rays, dangerous lasers and more. TRI is to be released on Oct. 9th.

Tumblox 1.0 - New brain-twist-box-puzzle-game on iOS pocket devices

Nov 23, 2011 - Indie-Developer Rat King Entertainment presents the puzzle game Tumblox for iPhone / iPod touch. Just a big box full of smaller boxes - it can't become easier! So instead it gets harder: TUMBLOX, the new mind-bending puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch, is now available for free to play on the AppStore. The player's task is to guide all colorful cubes on their analogical targets, with nothing more than the gravity at your disposal. Rotate the boxes and twist your brain with buttons.

Pitman 1.1 for iOS - Roguelike Game Free for a Limited Time

Aug 19, 2011 - Rat King Entertainment today announced that "Pitman" for iPhone, iPod and iPad, the challenging and atmospheric roguelike game, will be available for free the following weekend on August 20th - 21st. In the roguelike Pitman, you build your own path through dangerous dungeons on-the-fly while fighting evil monsters and collecting various items. Pitman is the essence of an RPG, minimalistic and inspired by traditional board games.