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Crazy Hungry Flies Survival for iPhone and iPad Released

Dec 19, 2013 - Gamitz Studios today announces Crazy Hungry Flies Survival 1.0.1, their free new mobile video game for the iOS. Crazy Hungry Flies Survival is a fun, adictive and challenging game in which the player assumes the role of "Simulator Survival" technology used by an army of fly aliens from the planet Ahmose. These fly aliens train constantly in order to overcome their addiction to earthly delicious desserts, the only obstacle in their sinister plans to conquer the Earth and enslave humanity.

El Gocho HD for iPad Released - with Vs. Mode

Aug 27, 2011 - Gamitz Mobile Studios has introduced El Gocho HD for iPad 1.0, in the App Store globally. El Gocho is a Venezuelan traditional board game, similar to the triangular "Peg" Solitaire, also known as Venezuelan Solitaire. The game starts with 14 tokens out of 15, you move the tokens like checkers but the only way to move a token is by taking another one in the way. Sounds pretty much like a triangular Peg solitaire but in El Gocho you can ONLY move through the lines.