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Snokio, Snake and Strawberry

Apr 06, 2012 - NextZero announces Snokio 1.02 has been released. Snokio is a game for everyone of all ages. The mission is to avoid falling bombs and set high scores. Your body gets longer if you eat strawberries, thus harder to control. But, you'll get more scores with a longer body. You will utilize the accelerometer to control Snokio's movement. You can also make Snokio jump by tapping on the screen. Through Game Center, you can compete against your friends to set the highest score.

Super Candy - The Future of Puzzles - Universal App

Sep 02, 2011 - NextZero has introduced Super Candy 1.0.3, for iOS devices. Super candy uses the rule that can exchange the seats for blocks like the former 3 match games. And we added the rule that you can exchange the seats with the distant blocks. Moreover, you can move 2 blocks at the same time. Super candy has 4 game modes and various stages as well. The unique feature in this game is that you can use the game score that you got like money. Play the game with two fingers and get higher scores.