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Sum It! has been getting AMAZING results

Oct 04, 2011 - BizzaroGames introduces Sum It! 1.0, the new iPhone word game. BizzaroGames set a goal of creating the most unique and challenging Word Game on the app store. With the introduction of mathematical elimination the Sum It! app turned into a true brain teaser that challenges all type of users. With over a hundred of custom tailored word puzzles the solutions could be easy or extremely difficult. We have built the levels in a form of a scale, it starts easy and gets harder every puzzle you solve.

Sum It! A New iPhone Word Game

Sep 23, 2011 - BizzaroGames has just launched their new and exciting iOS game called: Sum It! - Sum It! consists of letters assigned with a unique numeric value. The goal is to form a word that corresponds to the chosen category and matches the required total numeric value. Every tapped letter is added to the blank word spaces and updates the total sum of the word using the corresponding mathematical operations. The correct words can be constructed based on the user's general knowledge.