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Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 - It can never be paralleled

Dec 22, 2011 - King of software announces the release of Production Premium CS5.5. The most stunning video generation of contemporary times have one common denominator - Production Premium CS5.5. Meant to wimp out tomorrow's challenges, and conquer today's deadlines, the Production Premium CS5.5 is an awesome display of highly augmented graphics and video capabilities. CS5.5, with the cutting edge Roto Brush, Soundbooth, Ultra keyer and other features adds a new, ultra-advanced leaf to video production.

Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium: Video Production's Sine Qua Non

Nov 28, 2011 - King of Software announces video generation has picked up steam over the years. From stunning displays to raving HD graphics, the world of video generation has successively discovered new avenues. Adobe, with stunners like CS5.5 Production Premium, Adobe CS5, After Effects and the like has had a massive influence on contemporary video-making. Production Premium CS5.5 is equipped to deal with laptops and graphic card assembly, making it one of the very few cross-platform products in video.

After Effects CS5.5 and New Age Graphics - An Equation Unmatched

Nov 18, 2011 - King of Software announces Adobe After Effects CS5.5 delves into the world of futuristic graphics, with functional prowess hitherto unparalleled. With its advent, After Effects CS5.5 brings unbridled freedom to graphics and broadcast editing. It is the most forward-looking in the Creative Suite family, by far. Loaded with ultra-advanced graphics-and-animation customization tools, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 stands out in the Adobe CS5 family. Outputs Hollywood-caliber results.