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Quatrian Releases Memory App Memagine 2

Jan 29, 2015 - Quatrian Inc has released Memagine 2, the free follow on to the highly rated Memagine iOS application which uses both memory and imagination to train children and adults the invaluable lifetime skill of remembering a list of up to 100 items. Remembered items can be recalled in any order by number. The app supports the widely used Major Mnemonic system. It's always fun to amaze friends and family members who wish they could do it too.

Memagine: An app that teaches how to memorize and recall lists of items

Sep 16, 2011 - Quatrian has annouced Memagine 1.0.1, a new and unique productivity and educational application suitable for reading age children and pre-teens to seniors that teaches the lifetime ability to remember lists of up to 100 items for later recall in any order. The app is guaranteed to elicit laughter while learning. Those who have learned the skill have shown a desire to demonstrate their new ability to their friends. Parents can learn the technique with their children.