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Knots 3D 4.5 Offers 3D 360-Degree Demonstration of Tying Almost Any Knot

May 13, 2016 - Utah-based indie development team, Nynix LLC today announces Knots 3D 4.5, an important update to their popular reference app for iOS devices. Offering a complete and close up view of a knot's structure, Knots 3D offers a 360 degree, 3D view of over 110 different knots, with the ability to tie, untie, and rotate the knots. Users can watch the knot tie and untie itself, or use the app's touch screen interface to accomplish it themselves. Version 4.5 brings a fix for the default device language.

Nynix Introduces Multi-Touch Gestures to Knots 3D App

Mar 02, 2012 - Nynix LLC today released version 2.3 of the popular knot tying app, Knots 3D. The first app of its kind, Knots 3D provides direct interaction with knots displayed on screen via multi-touch gestures. Using touch, swipe and pinch-zoom gestures, a user can tie, untie or zoom in on a knot using their fingers. The app has a first-of-its-kind 360 mode that gives the ability to spin the knot in 3D space - providing views of the back and sides of the knot.

Nynix LLC releases Knots 3D v2.0 for iOS

Jan 16, 2012 - Nynix LLC has announced the latest release of the popular reference app, Knots 3D, on the Apple iTunes store. Knots 3D makes learning knots fun and allows interaction with the knot on screen like no other app in the store today. Each of the 50 featured 3D knots can be drawn, rotated, zoomed and flipped. The knots can be rotated a full 360 degrees and viewed from any angle. Knots 3D is an invaluable reference for scouts, fishermen, boaters or any outdoors enthusiast!