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Ever Wanted to Create Your Very Own Chat Bot?

Nov 09, 2017 - Small British start-up from Canterbury, Mic-Apps Ltd, announces UBOTS - Universal Chat Bots 1.4, its latest app for iOS and Android devices. UBOTS is short for "Universal Chat Bots". The new mobile application embraces the current craze for bots and artificial intelligence by providing an ingenuous platform to create and share fully customised chat bots.

Delve Deep Search Engine 4.6

Jul 02, 2016 - A small British start-up from Canterbury has big plans to disrupt the dominance of the all-powerful search giants Google and Bing. Established in 2011 by Formula 1 designer turned Internet entrepreneur Michael Blaize, Mic-Apps Ltd recently released Delve Deep Search Engine 4.6, a new mobile app for iOS devices, which allows users to perform in-depth explorations of specific websites.

DELVE Search - Inventing New Ways to Search the Internet

May 05, 2016 - UK based Mic-Apps today announces Delve Search 3.0, their innovative search engine developed for iOS devices. Delve Search enables to search any website for specific content, allowing users to extract information directly from relevant sources. Delve Search also offers to search automatically and simultaneously through the top 10 results from Google, Yahoo, Bing or Wikipedia, thereby easily extracting content from all relevant websites that refer to the user's keywords.

loveChat - New messaging app to take Valentine's day by storm

Jan 26, 2016 - UK based Mic-Apps today announces loveChat 1.4, their new messaging app developed for iOS devices. loveChat connects 2 people in love. One user sends an invite to his beloved one so they can connect privately on a simple and unique app dedicated to their personal exchange only. Dubbed to be the next big thing this Valentine's day, after SnapChat, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, loveChat brings another twist on how our digitally connected generation communicates.

Wind expert - Wind Energy Intelligence in the palm of your hand

Feb 22, 2012 - UK based Mic-Apps announces Wind expert 1.2, an update to its popular renewable energy reference app for iOS. Developed specifically for wind energy professionals and enthusiasts alike, Wind expert brings together all the tools and information required to evaluate, understand and optimise any wind turbine or wind project from aerodynamic to financial performance. Version 1.2 offers many new features and important updates, including an additional 46 turbines added to its database.

myShuffle - Everyday I'm shuffling

Sep 22, 2011 - Mic-Apps announced myShuffle 1.4, for iOS devices. myShuffle is the smartest way to listen to your music. myShuffle puts you in control of your shuffle. With its simple and intuitive interface, myShuffle allows you to change the likelihood of songs and artists to be played again. With one-touch, myShuffle learns your musical taste and tailors your shuffling experience to match your very own musical taste. Play all your songs in a random but smart knowledge-based fashion.