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Road Warrior

Dec 04, 2011 - We at Mobjoy just released our seventh game for iOS, Road Warrior 1.0, a 'cars meet guns' game. Road Warrior is a thrilling racing game inspired by many successful games as Blizzard's Rock n' Roll Racing, Death Rally and Extreme Road Trip; and even in the cult movie Mad Max. The world crumbled. The cities vanished. Only those brutal enough to turn cars into killing machines will survive. Road Warrior is set in this post-apocalyptic scenario in which drivers battle against each other for glory.

TAP A LOT - Super addicting bubble popping game

Oct 14, 2011 - Mobjoy introduces Tap a Lot 1.0.3, a fun and addicting tapping game. The gameplay mechanic is very simple: tap the bubble, save coins, be careful with the bug inside the bubble and don't let the coins fly away. Simple as that, the game is easy to learn, but pretty challenging as the game evolves, making it very addicting. You can also buy the in-app "Kids Mode", which makes the game easier for the little ones. The graphics are great, with well-designed characters and 6 different backgrounds

Undead Attack HD - Free for a limited time

Sep 23, 2011 - Mobjoy has introduced Undead Attack HD 1.0, for the iPad. Undead Attack HD is a unique combination of Undead Monsters and Pinball. With amazing 3D graphics and unique gameplay, Undead Attack HD is offer a great experience for both casual and invested players. It is Free for a limited time. Run over the hordes of evil with two types of special undead purging balls, use the scenery and the iPhone accelerometer to your advantage and defend the gate at any cost.