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Old Man Allard's Fuel to Aid in Epic Alien Battles

Sep 17, 2009 - Vermont based SmallRock Software, Inc. today released Sir Revs-a-Lot 1.01, an update to their hit game for iPhone and iPod touch. Using the tricked out ride, Sir Revs-a-Lot, players fend off endless hordes of UFOs, Spaceships, Helicopters, and Jets. The game combines addictive gameplay with stylized graphics, catchy tunes, and social interaction. Taking advantage of the popular OpenFeint network, players can compete in seven high score categories as well as earn a myriad of achievements.

SmallRock Software Apologizes for Doomsday Terminal

Apr 11, 2009 - SmallRock Software has officially apologized for all the hours of lost sleep experienced by the users of its new game, Doomsday Terminal. The game, in which players are required to enter a code every 108 minutes in order to prevent the destruction of the world, has become something of an addiction for many users. As an act of contrition SmallRock Software has also announced that the first Doomsday Terminal user to survive for a week will receive a gift card of their choice.

SmallRock Software Updates iPlummet to Include Sound Effects

Mar 16, 2009 - SmallRock Software has released updates to its line of popular iPlummet games. iPlummet is an addictive falling ragdoll game compatible with all models of the iPhone and iPod Touch. IPlummet 1.07 now contains a full range of sound FX for all ragdoll models. The free companion version, iPlummet Lite, has also been updated to include the pain meter option previously only available in the paid version.