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Experience the thrill of High Speed Racing with MotoSikeO

Jan 11, 2012 - Arizona based SpinIsland LLC today introduces MotoSikeO 1.0, their brand new motorcycle racing game title for iOS devices. MotoSikeO's dynamic artificial intelligence makes it more difficult the better you get, so you always stay on the edge of your seat. Race to the finish line, scoring points for passing other vehicles as fast as possible without crashing. MotoSikeO was developed with excellent 3D graphics and the most natural turning feel of any motorcycle game available today.

Water Wars: The Ultimate Combat Game Play on Water for iPad

Jan 10, 2012 - Spin Island LLC launches the free iPad game "Water Wars", which combines elements of classic pencil-flick paper game play and the graphics and animation possible on an iPad. Beta testing revealed that the game is engaging and addictive. The object of Water Wars is to attack and destroy your opponent's aircraft and ships by swiping your finger quickly across the screen to draw an attack line. Your attack line must cross the center of the opponent's ship or aircraft to destroy it.

New iBeatThat app brings real world competition to the virtual arena!

Nov 03, 2011 - Spinisland's new iBeatThat app combines live sporting with virtual competition. For the first time ever, people who enjoy participating in "real world" activities - skateboarding, surfing, Moto X, running, biking, snowboarding, weight lifting, etc. - will have a way to show the world their feats and have some good natured competition with anyone, anywhere, anytime. The ideas creator Todd Smith says he conceived the idea when watching an online gaming commercial.

Spinisland launches Piffle Connect - A new twist in Social Word Games

Oct 08, 2011 - Arizona based SpinIsland LLC today announces Piffle Connect Lite for iPhone and iPad. Piffle Connect adds a new dimension to social word gaming by limiting the user to only 80 seconds to complete their turn, and by adding visually impressive animation to the tile movements. The faster the player completes a turn, the more bonus points rack up. A turn is completed by placing letters on top of, or in between the letters of the opponent's previously created word in an attempt to create a new word.