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WhatPrice app - a free utility to compare prices - was released today

Dec 18, 2012 - Nkdsoft has released their second app for iPhone. This time it is a free utility called WhatPrice and it promises to be the fastest way to compare the price of products with different sizes: weight, volume, length, or time (for services). WhatPrice is an ideal tool for supermarket shopping, but it could also be used in other situations as well.

Baby Sleeper Mini - iPhone version of Baby Sleeper Pro released

Nov 07, 2011 - Nkdsoft finally introduced the iPhone version of their iPad app Baby Sleeper Pro, Baby Sleeper Mini. It uses the same shockingly simple method--discovered by a math professor--to help babies and little kids fall asleep, but with the convenience of being able to have it on the iPhone or iPod touch. The instructions are simple, just hit the "Good night!" button and let Baby Sleeper do its magic. Most babies and small kids fall asleep in matter of minutes.

Baby Sleeper Pro - sleep your baby with proven method

Sep 28, 2011 - nkdsoft introduces Baby Sleeper Pro 1.0, which promises to sleep babies and small kids in a matter of minutes. Their method is simple but effective and was discovered by a math professor while trying to make his niece fall asleep. "It all starts with the circle," he told us that the shape of a circle captures babies attention because of the resemblance with the mother's eye. Just hit the "Good night!" button, leave your baby watching the screen for a few minutes, and say good night to your baby.