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New Geography Puzzle App Aims to Teach Kids and Adults the Whole World

Oct 06, 2011 - Texas based Free Range Eggheads today introduces Puzzleography 1.0, their newest iPad app. Puzzleography is a pirate themed, puzzle based geography game that can teach every continent and country the world and every state in the USA. Highly educational and surprisingly addicting, it includes 9 maps, 3 levels of difficulty, and random, organic game play. It is ideal for both home and school geography lessons and is fun and challenging for children and adults.

New iPad Spelling App Targets PreK - 2nd Grade With Open Ended Play

Oct 03, 2011 - Free Range Eggheads is announcing their first iPad app, Spell Whiz 1.1. Spell Whiz is an educational open ended spelling app for children up to second grade. It includes a dictionary of over 1,000 English words, the sound each letter makes, Montessori based learning, and open ended gameplay. It is ideal for young children learning to spell as well as second language English learners. There are no quizzes, timers, rules, or automatic pieces, allowing the child complete control over the interface.