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About 1Tapps
Based in Girona, Spain and established in 2011. 1Tapps is a publishing company of mobile applications and games. Our goal it's to make Apps which makes the use of mobile phones more pleasant and without headaches.
1TapSparrow 1.0 for iOS - Create custom icons for Sparrow Mail App

Jul 06, 2012 - 1Tapps today introduces 1TapSparrow 1.0, its new productivity app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 1TapSparrow gives iPhone users a new solution for creating as many custom 1Tapps icons on their devices' Home Screen as they want. With the created shortcut icons one can start writing mail in Sparrow App, with just one tap: to friends, family, loved ones, colleagues etc. Effortlessly select contact from the Address Book, or just type the name and mail.

1TapHTML 1.0 for iOS - View Web Page HTML Source Code

May 10, 2012 - 1Tapps today introduces 1TapHTML 1.0 for iOS, their Utility app that allows developers to view the HTML source code of any web page. Users need only copy any URL, then open 1TapHTML. The URL is automatically pasted into the app and the HTML is displayed in color with syntax highlighting. An ideal mobile solution for web developers, the app also displays JS and CSS code, operates in portrait or landscape orientation, opens automatically for view-source URLs, and displays live source code links.

1Tapps gives 1TapMail Free For Life to celebrate iPad 3/2S/HD launch

Mar 10, 2012 - 1Tapps announces that 1TapMail is now free on the App Store. Like the Romans tradition to release prisoner during the Passover festival, 1Tapps - the Award-Winning Company for it's flagship app 1TapVideo, want to do the "same" with one of his apps making it free for everybody and forever. 1TapMail it's an app that let's you create custom icons on your iOS device to email to your favorite contacts with just one tap from the Spring Board.

1TapVideo for iOS Wins - 2011 Best App Ever Award - in Video Category

Feb 13, 2012 - 1Tapps today is pleased to announce that their flagship app, 1TapVideo - Instant Video Recording 1.2 for iOS, was voted the 2011 Best App Ever Award in the Video category by the readers of 148apps. 1TapVideo enables single touch video recording on any video camera equipped iOS device. Eliminating the time required to launch a camera app, then switch from still to video mode, then start recording video, 1TapVideo lets users capture candid moments on video before they are over.

1TapVideo Nominated for Best App Ever Awards

Jan 14, 2012 - 1Tapps announces the opportunity to vote for 1TapVideo on 148apps. Every year the leading iOS app review site 148apps organizes the Best App Ever Awards. It's a fully fledged category and subcategory awards. Now started a 20 days voting, until January 25 2012, to know which one it's the best app ever on every category. If you downloaded 1TapVideo and you liked it, you can help them getting the award by voting for it. It's a video app that enables single touch video recording on any video camera.

1TapSettings - Direct access to iOS Settings - Bluetooth, WI-FI, ...

Dec 01, 2011 - 1Tapps today introduces 1TapSettings WebApp - Direct access to iOS Settings - Bluetooth, WI-FI, Airplane,... 1.0 for iOS, their new app that enables single touch to go to iOS System Settings. Eliminating the time required to launch iOS Settings App, browsing to the desired setting, tapping and on some cases going to sub settings and tapping again. Just tap and turn on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, and more.

1TapSMS - Now support for iPad iOS 5 Message App, forget Whatsapp

Nov 24, 2011 - 1Tapps has announced 1TapSMS - Customized Icons for Messages App 1.1, an update to their SMS customized icons creator app for iOS. 1TapSMS let's you create custom icons to start writing new SMS / iMessages to your favorite contacts. This new release it's iOS 5 tested, includes a brand new icon and now is an universal App thanks to iOS 5 and it's new iMessages feature. Start a new SMS / iMessage with one tap, you will forget to use Whatsapp, and you can send it from whichever iOS device you want.

1TapTweet updated - The perfect complement for iOS 5 Twitter integration

Nov 08, 2011 - 1Tapps today announces 1TapTweet - Customized Icons for Twitter 1.1, an update to their twitter customized icons creator app for iOS devices. The perfect complement for the new iOS 5 twitter integration, 1TapTweet fills the gap which Apple has left on the integration. Easily create customized icons on your Home Screen to send direct messages to your followers. This new release is iOS 5 tested, includes a brand new icon and now is fully compatible with official twitter App on iPad.

Why Has My Brother Got Two Daddies? for iOS-eBook Explains 2nd Marriages

Oct 24, 2011 - 1Tapps today introduces Martina 2 - Why Has My Brother Got Two Daddies? 1.0 for iOS, the second in their series of ebooks featuring Martina, a three-year old girl who asks questions that adults may find difficult to answer. Written and illustrated for young children, the ebook clearly describes how mothers can begin new relationships, and that they can bring a child with them from their previous relationship. The app answers the question in its title with honesty, sensitivity, and simplicity.