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Tried to forward a meeting on your iPhone - welcome "Forward My Meeting"

Oct 08, 2011 - DNA Products introduces Forward My Meeting 1.0 for the iPhone. Do you ever pull your hair out when frustrated that you cannot forward a meeting in your calendar! You scurry to find a PC, or you give up completely! These days of grunting under your breath are over! Forward My Meetings allows any meeting to be forwarded. Meeting details are automatically pulled from the calendar, including Title, Location, Body, Organizer, Attendees, Alarms, and Recurrence information.

Import My Contact - from your iPhone Exchange Global Address List

Oct 08, 2011 - DNA Products introduces Import My Contact 1.0 for the iPhone, the third application in the "Enterprise Companion Suite" of products. Have you ever tried to import a contact after searching for it in your Exchange Global Address List? Only to realize that the only way was to email or MMS the contact to yourself, and then add it manually. What a hassle! Welcome to Import My Contact where you can easily import a contact from your Global Address List to the destination account of your choice.

Now you can contact iPhone meeting attendees with "Mail My Meeting"

Oct 02, 2011 - DNA Products has announced the launch of a new application, Mail My Meeting 1.1. Imagine this - you are running late to a meeting... if only there was an easy way to send a message to the attendees. You try to use the calendar, but there is no way to reply to all attendees. So you try to fumble through and email one person and ask them to forward. What a hassle! It solves this problem, by allowing you to email or SMS your meeting attendees!