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Using Konica Minolta CS200 for DICOM Calibration on Mac Now Possible

May 24, 2013 - Konica Minolta CS200 luminance and chromaticity meter integrated into Mac-compatible PerfectLum DICOM calibration software by QUBYX. Konica Minolta CS200 is capable of measuring any light source on a wide range of luminance levels starting with only 0.01cd/m2. An updated auto mode allows determining the speed of measurements according to the light source that is measured. Due to a lightweight battery, Konica Minolta CS200 is operable for a professional device & relatively easy to move around.

QUBYX Launches a New Version of DICOM Calibration Software for Mac

Mar 29, 2013 - QUBYX has announced a major update of its DICOM calibration software for Mac OS. PerfectLum 3.5 for Mac features a number of usability and functionality improvements, enabling radiology practitioners to use Mac-based machines for diagnostics and medical image viewing. PerfectLum software features calibrations and quality assurance tests to major standards in medical imaging, such as DICOM, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-157, and others.

QUBYX and Shareden Group Feature PerfectLum and Dell Bundle at RSNA 2012

Nov 02, 2012 - QUBYX and their U.S. partner Shareden Group will exhibit PerfectLum calibration and QA software and the new Dell U3011 & PerfectLum bundle at RSNA 2012 in Chicago. PerfectLum features as calibration of multiple displays, connected to one workstation, and remote management of multiple workstations from one location will be beneficial to networks of healthcare facilities and telemedicine.

QUBYX Announces Reseller Partnership with Shareden Group

Oct 26, 2012 - QUBYX will offer its products to the US medical imaging market via a reseller partnership with Shareden Group. QUBYX products that will now be available to Shareden Group customers include PerfectLum and PerfectLum Suite software. PerfectLum is a medical monitor calibration tool, featuring DICOM, CIE L*, and Gamma calibrations, calibration conformance checks, luminance and black level calibration, and other functions.

UW Health Will Use PerfectLum Calibration and QA Software

Jul 05, 2012 - QUBYX is proud to announce that University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics has installed PerfectLum medical monitor calibration and quality assurance tool to perform calibrations and QA tests. PerfectLum medical monitor calibration and quality control app is designed to perform DICOM, Gamma and CIE L* calibrations along with AAPM TG18 acceptance and constancy tests. This makes it an important display management tool, which serves to ensure confidence in the quality of medical imaging monitors.

QUBYX Releases PerfectLum Suite With QA Features And Remote Control

Apr 15, 2012 - QUBYX, a technology contributor to medical imaging and color management industries, has released PerfectLum Suite, a calibration and QA software for Mac and Windows to enhance and assure the quality of medical displays. The software, designed to improve imaging precision of medical monitors, used for X-Ray viewing, mammography, MRI and other radiology sub industries, is now able to not only calibrate a display, but also perform acceptance and constancy tests.

Spyder4 Integrated In Mac-compatible Calibration Software PerfectLum

Apr 05, 2012 - QUBYX Limited has announced that their DICOM calibration and quality assurance software PerfectLum 3.0, developed specifically for medical imaging industry, now supports the new enhanced model of Spyder, one of the most commercially successful colorimeters in the calibration market. Spyder4 is a patented, full-spectrum 7-color consumer sensor from DataColor, using edge detection to provide sensitive and accurate color response. The Spyder improvement includes double-shielded filters.

QUBYX Integrated Konica Minolta CA 210 In Mac-Compatible PerfectLum

Mar 22, 2012 - UBYX announced that it has integrated Konica Minolta CA 210 Display Color Analyzer in DICOM calibration and QA software PerfectLum. The Konica Minolta measurement device, widely used by display manufacturers as a reference device for LCD and TFT monitors, is capable of measuring luminance as low as 0.1 cd/m2 and obtaining color measurements with an accuracy of 0.002 for white and 0.004 for primary colors. It supports flicker measurement, which is vital for testing the quality of LCD displays.

QUBYX Launches a Free On-Line Display Test Tool

Dec 02, 2011 - QUBYX, a developer of professional display management solutions, announced the launch of a completely free web-based tool for display performance testing and quality assurance. The new tool measures luminance reproduction accuracy of a display without any measurement device, based on randomly generated test combinations of letters and numbers. The contrast of the symbols to the background gradates from significant to just noticeable.These results can be then printed and filed.