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Digital Press releases Ouija Table 1.2 for iOS - Ghost Hunter

Dec 19, 2011 - Digital Press has announced Ouija Table 1.2, an update to their special entertainment app for iOS devices. Ouija Table allows you to enter the paranormal world with results that will surprise you. Ouija Table is not a game, it's a real Ghost Hunter application. It uses a special algorithm for capturing magnetic fields, noise and other possible disturbances around you and then translate this in real words or phrases. If the paranormal fascinates you, then look no further than Ouija Table.

Horse Circus for iOS

Dec 19, 2011 - Digital press introduces Horse Circus 1.0, for iOS devices. The first video game where you can choose, bet and try to win in a old typical horses racing carousel from circus. Choose the number of players, a name given to your horse and choose the one that inspires you, challenge your friends or the processor of your device iOS, place your bets. Choose your lucky ball and try to drop it over the holes with the highest number. Follow the steps become more salient and samples of Horse Circus.

ISEKI I Serial Killer on iOS

Oct 11, 2011 - Digital Press Introduces ISEKI 1.0, for iOS. ISEKI is an app with comfortable information cards about the most sorrowfully famous serial killers; Manson, Fisher, Bathory and many other. With ISEKI you will read the story, the crime and the end about this "Evil on Earth" how the app defines them. The app is a open database with characters, more or less famous, that have marked human history negative, an expandable database which will collect in the time more killer with every app update.