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Snap and Squiggle now available on the Appstore

Sep 07, 2012 - Innovating Solutions LLC is happy to announce the release of its new app Snap & Squiggle. Snap and Squiggle is a free app designed for iPhone/iPod touch that works on iOS 5.0 and above. Squiggle, draw, paint, scribble or sketch on your photos using this app. You can sketch/draw on them with different colors using the coloring tool. You can also choose from different brush sizes from the Coloring tools section. Use the eraser tool to erase your squiggles. Once done you can share your squiggles.

Project Meetings Planner v.1.1 for iPad has hit the market

May 25, 2012 - Innovating Solutions LLC is pleased to announce the Project Meetings Planner for iPad App. When planning a collaborative project, setting goals and effectively communicating them is crucial in being successful; with the help of Project Meetings Planner app you can organize agendas and complete your goals satisfactory through a customized process of planning. This app is different from the iPad calendar in that the meeting details are specific to each individual meeting.

Project Meetings Planner for iPad released to the AppStore

Mar 10, 2012 - Innovating Solutions LLC has released the Project Meetings Planner for iPad app on the AppStore. This app is designed for project collaborators or managers to work out the planned schedule (project start and end date), recurrence and overall purpose of the project. Then each individual meetings purpose, location, duration will be determined and added to an email. When finished one email listing the details for all of the meetings will be sent to the project collaborators.

AutoCorrect Switch app for iPhone and iPad released to the Appstore

Dec 03, 2011 - Innovating Solutions LLC's AutoCorrect Switch mobile app now released to the App Store for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. Compose your message/document in one central place so you can send via email, iMessage, SMS and Twitter or copy and paste into another document. Extremely useful for bilingual people who type messages in both languages using one type of keyboard. For example, type Spanish in English keyboard without getting suggestions for English words.

Innovating Solutions LLC is releasing the Find Replace App

Oct 23, 2011 - Innovating Solutions LLC. introduces Find and Replace 1.0, for iOS devices. Find and Replace App works in conjunction with the copy/paste features of iOS. iOS does not come with Find/Replace functionality, and Innovating Solutions is filling this need. Predictive texts that predict incorrectly can be corrected using the find/replace. It is especially useful for emails that have the wrong text multiple times. Find and Replace in six easy steps. Select->Copy->Paste->Find->Replace->Paste.