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War of Words Apocalypse for iOS - Word Strategy Game with Nuclear Bombs

May 07, 2012 - Wolf Studios has announced War of Words Apocalypse for iOS, the newest entry in the War of Words series. Apocalypse is a hybrid word/strategy game that incorporates Action Tiles in addition to letters. The 12 Action Tiles include Nuclear Bomb, Black Hole, and Portal. It promises up to four players per match, player levels, titles, and avatars, skill-based matchmaking, and a variety of board layouts. Expansion Packs add even more tiles and boards. It will be available worldwide on June 29, 2012.

War of Words Free 3.0 for iOS - Online, Crossword Game with Bomb Tiles

Oct 31, 2011 - Wolf Studios today announces War of Words Free 3.0 for iOS, their crossword puzzle game featuring Action Tiles in addition to Letter Tiles. Played much like other crossword games, players have 8 tiles on their racks and can play both Action and Letter tiles during their turn. The 17 different Action Tiles, including Bomb, Barricade, and Thief Tiles, allow players to destroy, block, and steal opponent's words. It supports online play with up to 30 friends, or local play in Pass and Play mode.