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ART Teknika releases M/S Proc 1.0 for iOS - Mid/Side Level and EQ

May 31, 2016 - Tokyo based ART Teknika Inc. today introduces M/S Proc 1.0.0, their new Mid/Side Level & EQ app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. M/S Proc is a tool for M/S Processing that allows individual level adjustment and EQ processing for Mid and Side channels. With full control of high, mid and low bands, users can adjust the effect of the centrally located vocals or make nuanced changes to the width of the mix. The mid operates as a parametric equalizer.

ART Teknika releases iConvolver 1.0 for iOS - Impulse Response Reverb

May 19, 2016 - Tokyo based ART Teknika Inc. today introduces iConvolver 1.0, their new app for conveniently utilizing convolution reverb on an iOS device. Using Impulse Response files that records the properties of reverberation from acoustic spaces such as halls and studios, high-grade hardware reverb, spring reverb, speaker cabinets and microphones, iConvolver can reproduce those properties. As iConvolver comes with several Impulse Response files included, you can immediately test out those sounds.

mimiCopy upadated to Ver.1.5 - The Standard Musician's App

Jul 17, 2015 - ART Teknika, Inc. today announces mimiCopy 1.5.0, an update to their popular music app for iOS devices. Geared at guitarists and other musicians alike, mimiCopy allows anyone to record & copy sections of audio by ear. Playback speed can be toggled without changing the musical interval, allowing for easy repeat listening and learning. The app can also be used in scenes like language learning & dance training. The latest upgrade includes a range of performance enhancements based on user feedback.

COLORCODE VJ 1.2.0, the standard iPad VJ app

Oct 18, 2012 - Tokyo based ART Teknika Inc. today announces COLORCODE VJ 1.2.0 for iPad. Suited for both hobby & professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool. Load, mix, and output movie files. As what can be called the world's first serious VJ app for the iPad, COLORCODE has been praised by users around the world since its original release, and is consistently near the top of the photo/video rankings. Version 1.2 incorporates many suggestions from users, leading to a more useful app.

ART Teknika releases mimiCopy 1.3.0 - The Standard Musician's App

Oct 09, 2012 - ART Technica Inc. today announces mimiCopy 1.3.0, an update to its popular music player developed for iOS devices. mimiCopy is specifically geared towards players of musical instruments. With a clean, easy to use UI, it features the ability to change the playback speed and key of music, with very high audio quality. As widely requested by users, file management tools have been strengthened in this update. Users are now able to create new folders, rename file and folders, and copy and move files.

mimiCopy - Slow Down & Pitch Shift player 1.2.0 released on App Store

Dec 15, 2011 - mimiCopy has been ranked No.1 in the "Music" category, and continues to frequent the Top 10 list as a standard tool for musicians. Its high functionality and ease of use has been highly rated, as can be seen from the remarkable user rating. And a full year has passed since the release of mimiCopy. We updated mimiCopy to incorporate many of user feedback. mimiCopy has been designed for musical instrument performers, with particular attention to its ease-of-use in "Learn-by-ear".

COLORCODE VJ 1.0.2 for Visual Creators available on the iTunes App Store

Nov 02, 2011 - Tokyo based ART Teknika Inc. has announced COLORCODE VJ 1.0.2 for iPad. Suited for both hobby and professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool. Load, mix, and output movie files. Display up to 2 movies simultaneously. Effortlessly move the images by touching on the screen, or preset the movement in advance. Even display texts just like images, which can also be moved. At your home or at an event, it's never been easier to become a VJ.