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Savesm App lets you submit your Best Offer for any product or service

Apr 02, 2014 - Why wait for a sale or promotion or holidays ... or collecting coupons, when you can submit your best offer for any product or service? Atlanta based Kilaan LLC announces Savesm 1.0 for iPhone. Request a deal on your terms and save. Your offer is sent directly to the merchant and once merchant reviews your offer; you get a response. Savesm works at retail stores, hotels, repair businesses, car dealerships and more as well as local service providers. No middlemen and no commissions.

Pictonote - iPhone photo album on steroids

Nov 04, 2011 - Atlanta based Kilaan LLC announces its Pictonote application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pictonote will assist users in organizing their photo album. Not only will it time/date stamp your pictures, but also utilizes your iPhone GPS to add the location as well. In addition, Pictonote allows you to SpeedShare your pics to your favorite people or groups by programming a one touch button option. Check out Pictonote, it does everything you wish your photo album already did, only more.