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About CodeAndWeb
CodeAndWeb was founded 2007 and based in Neu-Ulm Germany. Indie developer and co-author of "Learn cocos2d Game Development with iOS 5", Andreas Lw focuses on tool development for game developers with great passion.
TexturePackerPro for OS X - Sprite Sheet Creation and Image Optimization

Nov 08, 2011 - Code'n'Web today announces TexturePackerPro 2.4.0 for OS X, an update to their software development tool that creates and optimizes sprite sheets in 15 different output formats for iOS, Android, and Web frameworks. Sprite sheets are invaluable for their ability to speed development time, simplify graphics, minimize memory usage, and reduce load times. TexturePackerPro is a drag'n'drop solution that offers control over all variables of sprite sheet creation and image optimization.