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I.R.I.S - DefOp - Defense-Strategy Game now available on the App Store

Dec 19, 2016 - Indie developer Dylestorm Productions has released its debut defense-strategy game I.R.I.S - DefOp for iOS devices. In this game, the player assumes the role as Erika, a pilot from Angels Corp tasked with retrieving Project I.R.I.S from a secret lab located west of Borneo Island. The player must defend the secret lab from enemy invasion, using only beam gates and a limited defensive move that destroys any enemies surrounding the base - the Pulse Bomb.

Slash Dojo Leaping Into App Store Top Charts Like a Ninja

Mar 15, 2012 - Team NEETBytes Slash Dojo made unexpected headlines when the number of downloads spiked to get over 30,000 downloads over the past few days. This resulted in Slash Dojo grabbing many top 100 ranking across several App Stores and even peaking at the number 1 spot in Italy under Kids category, while managing the #10 spot in Games. Slash Dojo also features hand drawn graphics, which gives the game a whole different feel compared to Fruit Ninja.

Magic Jewels - The Puzzle Game That Works Your Brain And Intuition

Dec 21, 2011 - Team NEETBytes introduces Magic Jewels 1.0, the third major release from this indie game developer. Magic Jewels is a puzzle game that not only works your ability to think and plan ahead, but also your intuition. Most puzzle games require logic and thinking. Although the same could be applied to Magic Jewels, there also requires the ability to act based on intuition. Relying solely on your brain power will have you worn out in no time at all when trying to solve this puzzle.

Stupid Penguins Hits Top 50 Ranking in 8 Countries After Latest Update

Dec 19, 2011 - Team NEETBytes today is please to announce the latest update to the iPhone and iPad game Stupid Penguins 1.1.1 saw the app skyrocketing into the top 50 in 8 countries and making top 100 and top 500 on several other apps worldwide, including the US App Store. Stupid Penguins received over 5,000 downloads within a 48 hour period which propelled its ranking. Stupid Penguins update introduces localizations in 6 languages, updated menu interface and the ability to post to Facebook and Twitter.

Team NEETBytes Latest Offering - Magic Jewels: Flood the Gems

Dec 12, 2011 - Team NEETBytes today introduces Magic Jewels: Flood the Gems 1.0, their new jewel based puzzle gaming title for iPhone and iPod touch. The objective in Magic Jewels is simple - flood the entire game board with the color of a single gem. The magic happens when your goal is to convert other gems to go under your control. Sounds simple, until you realize that the number of moves you have is limited. There are 4 different difficulty levels, along with a bonus level too.

Stupid Penguins Updates on the iPhone and iPad - Now In 6 New Languages

Nov 21, 2011 - Indie developer Team NEETBytes today announces Stupid Penguins 1.1.1, an update to their fun gaming title for iOS devices. Stupid Penguins is an addictive game that can be easily picked up and play no matter where you are. The devious mummy OSiRiS has devised a plan to trick the penguins to fly to his pyramid home. You have to save them before they get kidnapped by OSiRiS or die of heat. The new update that sees the game being localized into 6 different languages.

Stupid Penguins - the iPhone Game that Makes You Feel Good by Losing

Nov 07, 2011 - Indie developer Team NEETBytes recently released Stupid Penguins 1.0, their second iOS game on the AppStore. What makes this game different is that at the end of the day, it makes you want to lose on purpose just to get that extra satisfaction. Stupid Penguins is a simple yet addictive game - the penguins down at the South Pole got tricked by an ancient mummy called OSiRiS to take a free trip to the scorching hot desert pyramids where he lives. Stupid Penguins have received great feedback.