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Open Map bring over 60 types of OpenStreet maps on Mac

Jul 28, 2018 - Tension Software announces the release of Open Map for macOS. Open Map bring over 60 types of OpenStreet maps on Mac with 28 zoom levels and save on disk as PDF and other formats. More then 60 map types of the world with different style graphic and also data, always up to date, available with 1 click with a resolution level ranging from 0 to 28. The application can natively export at any time any visualised map as PDF, PNG, TIFF,JPEG using any scale and area.

Mac Shutdown is the Modern macOS Application to Shutdown Your Mac

Jul 21, 2018 - Tension Software announces Mac Shutdown for macOS, which is able to use 'Soft Shutdown' and 'Hard Shutdown' to shutdown your Mac. The 'Soft Shutdown' is issued at finder level and ask to all the running app to quit before shut down the Mac. The 'Hard shutdown' is issued at system level and offer a very low level of probability of having the shut down interrupted by an app refusing to quit.

AutoMailer to Send Serialised Emails on macOS

Jul 20, 2018 - Tension Software announces AutoMailer 2.6 for macOS, which allows users to prepare and send personalized emails to multiple unlimited addresses, in text or web format, each merged with data from an internal database. All in a single click, each with custom contents depending of each recipient. AutoMailer is document based and allows to use as many documents you need to manage all the different list and required emails.

International Space Station to Track the ISS Position Live

Jul 12, 2018 - Tension Software announces International Space Station 2 for macOS, which allows users to see the position of the the International Space Station over an interactive map of the world or an interactive tridimensional representation of the globe. With a simple view, users will be able to see if the International Space station will be visible (naked eye) from their local position in the next hours.

AutoCrypt, Encryption/Decryption App With a Document Based Approach

Jul 02, 2018 - Tension Software announces AutoCrypt 2.3.1 for macOS. AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a document based approach. Using a document, AutoCrypt lets the user save in a document all the settings used to encrypt or decrypt collections of files using a powerful AES-256 algorithm. Using these documents, AutoCrypt can be used for encryption and decryption batch process of large quantity of files in a single click.

Product Builder 2.2.1 to Submit to the App Store Without Xcode

Jul 01, 2018 - Tension Software announces Product Builder 2.2.1 for macOS. The app helps developers create packages for app submission to the Mac App Store without using Xcode internal mechanism. Product Builder allows to create packages ready to be transmitted using the Application Loader (by Apple and included with the Developer tools) to the Mac App Store. Product Builder is an indispensable tool for any App Store developer not using Xcode (as example using Xamarin).

Copy Fast Lets Users Copy Large Files From a Menu Bar Utility

Jun 30, 2018 - Tension Software announces Copy Fast 1.2 for macOS. Copy Fast is a simple and powerful application which let users copy instantly content of files ready to be used. It resides always in the right part of the menu bar as a status menu icon, ready to be used also when other applications are active. After launch it stays always in background. Its only presence will be in the status menu.

Tension Software Announces Geo WPS 1.1.3

Jun 29, 2018 - Tension Software announces Geo WPS 1.1.3 for macOS, using an alternative source to Apple Map database In Geo WPS you can see on Mac the world as mapped by (OpenLayer Maps). Geo WPS allows to track your geographic position on these maps using macOS Wi-Fi geo-tracking and other available hardware inside and connected to your Mac to detect your coordinate in the best precise way via Apple core location.

Product Manager to Manage Company Products on Mac

Jun 28, 2018 - Tension Software announces Product Manager 2.3. Product Manager is a macOS application to manage company products from different standpoints. It's document based and can manage an unlimited number of documents each with an unlimited number of products, subdivided in families. Product Manager can be used also for a different typology of products (not only software) to manage the activities associated to the improvements, distributions and marketing of the product.