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Umami Debuts First Real-Time Sharing of a TV Program's Images

Feb 24, 2012 - Just in time for Sunday's Oscars telecast on ABC-TV, NYC-based second screen startup Umami will let users of its free "companion TV" app instantly grab and share, via Twitter and Facebook, images from the programs they're watching. The "freeze frame" feature is one of several Umami has updated since it launched its free continuously synchronous app for the iPad in November. Umami is announcing Dishboard, a new social TV dashboard that visualizes the conversation occurring around a TV show.

Umami Debuts Synchronous Companion TV App, Publishing Platform for iPad

Nov 08, 2011 - Umami, a New York-based technology company, has launched the first synchronous companion TV app for the iPad. The app also serves as a scalable publishing platform for television programmers wishing to enhance viewer engagement via a second screen. The app uses proprietary audio fingerprinting technology to sync continuously to live or time-shifted programming from all major broadcast and cable networks. It is available today in the iTunes App Store.