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Renowned voice instructors Susan Carr and Wolf Carr release iPhone App

Jul 19, 2012 - Renowned vocalists and voice instructors Susan Carr and Wolf Carr have made their successful singing techniques available in The Art of Screaming-Create Your Own Vocal Warm-up 1.01, a new music instructional app for iOS. Many musicians struggle with challenges: a hoarse voice, throat pain, loss of falsetto, or difficulty in trying to hit high notes. The app addresses these concerns giving the busy on-the-go musician access to comprehensive singing lessons wherever or whenever they need them.

AutoValve Delivers Classic Sounds to Audiophiles' iPhones with New App

Nov 08, 2011 - MEA Mobile announces the release of AutoValve, the vintage audio emulator application for iPhone and iPod touch. The new app, from the creators of iSupr8 film app, brings back the retro love of tube analog to iPod touch or iPhone music libraries. Users can add needle drops, snaps, and crackly pops and hisses to their tunes with three different vinyl samples, or select reel-to-reel to add a bit of tape noise and select from multiple skins to enjoy glowing tubes and bouncing VU meters.