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14 Year Old's Game Hits #1 in 3 Countries

Sep 19, 2012 - Global Whirl LLC has announced that Stick Run 5.0.1 has hit #1 in 3 countries. It features a stick man that runs from side to side based on the tilt of your device while avoiding blocks. The game is easy to play, and it has Game Center integration, so playing against friends is simple. Michael Naber, CEO of Global Whirl LLC, is 14 years old. Over the past few months his games have been at the top charts on a global scale. At their peak, they have reached #1 in Argentina, Chile, and Finland.

Split bills, add tips, and calculate exchange rates with Globe Tipper

Dec 21, 2011 - Houston-based Vapssky Technologies today introduces Globe Tipper 1.0, their new travel app for iOS. Globe Tipper provides tipping and exchange rate data in one handy package. It is a multipurpose travel tool that allows users to split bills, check worldwide tipping customs, & calculate currency exchanges. Globe Tipper can divide restaurant bills evenly or by item, and additional options allow users to allocate shared items among groups & to adjust an individual party's contribution to the meal.

Throw Your Voice 1.0 introduced for iOS - New Entertainment App

Nov 24, 2011 - Saint Louis based Naber Industries today introduces Throw Your Voice 1.0, their hilarious new entertainment app for iOS devices. With Throw Your Voice, you can record yourself or any sound and then set a timer to playback the recording from a hidden location. Just set the timer and hide your phone across the room. Then silently countdown and move your lips as the message plays. The result is hilarious and will confuse and entertain your friends and family to no extent.