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Animantz and Dysotek announce Deadly Walkers for Mac/PC: the Zombie FPS

Apr 08, 2013 - Animantz and Dysotek are glad to announce Deadly Walkers, their upcoming new gaming title for Mac and PC. Deadly Walkers is a zombie FPS that will the feel and the breathless emotions of the old zombie movies. For the First time ever the player will fight against real zombies, hordes of undead creatures that slowly will surround him and that can be killed only shooting to their head. To be announced 2013, Deadly Walkers will be available in digital delivery through the best online stores.

Calabughi introduces Cheecoting for iOS: the beach marbles game

Jun 25, 2012 - Calabughi today introduces Cheecoting 1.0, their new gaming title for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In Cheecoting, you shoot marbles by simply touching the screen, make them dart along the straight, leap over the jumps and take the bends. Choose a track and plunge into a real 3D graphics. With sandcastles, drinks cans, lollipop sticks, pits, parabolic bends. It's just like being on the beach. Challenge your friends or the computer or play solo, to practice and improve your game.

Dysotek introduces Tomato Crush 1.0 for iOS - Fun Bumper Car Game

Nov 20, 2011 - Dysotek today introduces Tomato Crush 1.0, their new gaming title for iOS devices. Smash your enemies to become the ultimate tomato champion! Tomato Crush is a fun bumper car game that places you in an arena for a free-for-all battle between tomatoes. To overcome your enemies grab power-ups, avoid traps and use the bounce zones. Tomato Crush features Fun 2D graphics, 4 game modes, 10 maps with traps, power up objects and bounce zones for an exciting and dynamic game experience.